Too Much

Too Much

Sometimes a moment is just too much.

Sometimes a person is just too much.

Sometimes the Lord is just too much.

Too much is when your body is so emotionally overwhelmed you can almost not bear it. You don’t have enough room to take in what is before you. You feel as if you might explode.

Have you had a too much kind of moment?

A moment where you are besieged with adoration as you hold your newborn child.

A moment where you are overwhelmed with kindness from friends and family.

A moment where you are overpowered with love as you gaze at your sleeping child.

A moment where you are taken aback with awe-inspiring beauty that has no earthly explanation.

I have.

Hopefully you have too.

I believe the psalmist David did.

He cries out…

Praise the Lord, O my soul;

All my inmost being, praise his holy name.

Praise the Lord, O my soul and forget not all his benefits.

Psalm 103:1-2

For David, the moment is just too much. He explodes in worship! Crying out from the depths of his soul to praise! Unearthing his entire being to remember the blessings of the Lord! His spirit is flooded and he can’t help but to worship.

God’s grace is evident in moments like these. Allowing our hearts to be flooded with his goodness. Allowing our spirits to be besieged with gratitude. Allowing us to overflow with his abounding love. In moments, like these both big and small, present and future, may our spirit turn to praise the Giver of all good things and the Forgiver of all we desire to forget.

Too much. Father, you are just too much. Our souls cry out from our deepest and darkest places, Thank You. Thank you that YOU are too much. May your name be blessed today by our spirits of worship and our hearts of adoration. Amen.

About Erin Nicole Thompson

Erin Nicole Thompson is a fun-loving and authentic momma to 4 littles, wife of a ruggedly handsome Pastor, and as she likes to think, the CEO of her home operations. She delights in worship, cooking with good music, the sweet faces of her sleeping children, adult conversations, and some quiet time at Starbucks. She loves to serve alongside, encourage, and equip young and seasoned women. Erin is grateful to be part of what God is doing at The Chapel, a multi-campus church in Northern Chicago-land where her husband, Dave, pastors the Lake Zurich Campus. Presently, she lives to dream and follow God as he writes her story.

  • rachelrusticus

    Sweet, I found your blog! This post completely fits my day…thanks for sharing your faith here.

  • Cyndi Tilley

    Thanks Erin! It is so easy in life to focus on the hardships and challenges. I need to be reminded to look at the beauty and amazing which is also all around me. Thanks for reminding me how awesome my God is. Love ya!

  • Tiffany

    I need to remember to let my heart and mind be filled with too much gratitude. I find that because I don’t want to appear weak in others I push the gratitude down. You know the moments when you want to start crying because you are so thankful. Thank you for the reminder that is okay to be overcome with gratitude.

  • Jackie Bjorge

    thank you erin. i have been in an emotional state since my return from kenya … it was emotionally too much! i am reminded by your post to try to translate my deep sadness into too much gratitude. i am struggling emotionally with the too much we have here to be grateful for when those in kenya have so little and it seems so unfair. i praise Him that He is too much and that is what i will trust in to get me through. thank you for your keen reminder that He is too much and that i not only have full access in the midst of my brokenness for what He just took me through in kenya, but that i can count on Him to use it for good. <3

    • I can’t imagine Jackie the mix of emotions. I felt that same way on our trips to Kenya as well.