So I said Hi, “hot pants” and all.

I got out! Relieved by my In-loves, I escaped the homestead. I drove to my favorite local coffee shop and perched out on their patio. Void of the whines and woes of my kids, I was excited to have clear air waves to…study Scripture and to try to listen for the voice of God. I sat down. Opened my journal. Penned on the pages, “Dear Father, Thank you for this time and the sun. Show me where to go in your Word.” I opened to Isaiah 42: 6.

“I, the Lord, have called you to demonstrate my righteousness. I will take you by the hand and guard you.”

Just then I overheard two lovely young women talking about faith. Their churches. Their questions. What they were reading or their struggles to know what to read in God’s word.

My spirit paused.

I sensed this tug on my heart.

“Erin, I have called you to demonstrate my righteousness and encourage these young women.”

But Lord. I am wearing “hot pants”! (Planning to exercise before going home, I squeezed into a pair of “hot pants” a dear friend gave me. Conscience of their compressive grip on my lower body, I threw on a baggy lime green t-shirt. Not the attire I would have chosen for a 1st impression!)

But Lord, I just came to be with you.

But Lord.


Okay. So what do I say? What do I do?

Read. Again.

“I will take you by the hand and guard you.” (Isaiah 42:6b)


Get up. Say “Hi”. Ask them their names. Pray for them later by name.

Okay, Lord.

So I got up. And said “Hi”, in my “hot pants” and all.

I realized that I needed to put into practice the promptings of God, when I feel like it and when I don’t. Because if I don’t follow his lead in the little things, how will I know he can trust me with the big ones.

So Lord, I pray for these young women. That you would encourage them in their faith. That you would give them an undeniable sense of your presence. That you would be near them them and speak to them. That like me, you would take them by the hand and guard them. And I pray we put into practice your promptings in the big things and in the little ones. We love you. Gratefully, your Daughters.


About Erin Nicole Thompson

Erin Nicole Thompson is a fun-loving and authentic momma to 4 littles, wife of a ruggedly handsome Pastor, and as she likes to think, the CEO of her home operations. She delights in worship, cooking with good music, the sweet faces of her sleeping children, adult conversations, and some quiet time at Starbucks. She loves to serve alongside, encourage, and equip young and seasoned women. Erin is grateful to be part of what God is doing at The Chapel, a multi-campus church in Northern Chicago-land where her husband, Dave, pastors the Lake Zurich Campus. Presently, she lives to dream and follow God as he writes her story.

  • Tracey Wamsley

    I love that you stepped out and followed God’s prompting. What a great story of trusting God to show up in the little things when we are obedient. The amazing thing to me is that God can take our “little things” and make them BIG with his power! Just like the little boy with the loaves and fishes:)