Staring in the Face of a Blinding Light

Staring in the Face of a Blinding Light

I don’t really know true darkness. Do you?  I have been a Chicago suburb girl all my life, so even when the moon isn’t shining at night there has always been some ambient light from streetlights or the latest promotional gimmick at a local store.

I can remember going camping with my middle school astronomy class to do some star gazing. We drove hours and hours away to get to a place where it was dark enough to truly see the stars.

We huddled up under the light in a picnic shelter as our teacher gave us our instructions. He turned off the light and sent us out. It took our eyes about ten minutes to adjust and function. We all ended up having an extraordinary star gazing experience.

Our eyes had so adjusted to the darkness that when someone flashed a little flashlight in our direction, our eyes did a double take. And when it came time for us to huddle up again under the bright light in the picnic shelter, our eyes were blurs of spots and flashes of light for some time.

I couldn’t imagine being out in the darkness and seeing much more than a flashlight or a light bulb. I can’t imagine how I might have reacted had it been much more.Continue reading

Sacred Moments Surrounded by Dirty Dishes

On one of the first mornings of December we weren’t running every which way, I found myself dancing in my kitchen surrounded by dirty dishes. Breakfast preparations still out. Mounting dishes from previous meals. An abundance of hosting items that had no room on my shelves. Last night’s make up still etched on my face and a myriad of pressing seasonal preparations to engage in.

But with my 9 month old and 2 year old in my arms a sacred moment it became.Continue reading