Be Brilliant: “We” instead of “Me”

Be Brilliant: “We” instead of “Me”

It is a mad craze out there, isn’t it?

As we prepare for Christmas, parking lots are like a game of bumper cars. Schedules feel like control top pantyhose. Christmas spending is a haze that will lead us into a depressed daze come January. And don’t get me started about the stress of trying to get a decent family photo. It ain’t happening. Not this year. (So I’m sorry your Christmas card is not in the mail. Look for a nice photo on Facebook in 2018. ;))

As I have been out running around trying to check things off, what appears to be as long as Santa’s global gift, list. There has only been one thing that has brought me true joy in every long line I linger in. People.

At first many of them have that glazed over, sugar crashed look just like mine. But as soon as I smile and say, “Merry  Christmas,” we both seem to light up.

We have six days till Jesus’ birthday. Our natural inclination is going to be to focus inward on our lists, ourselves and our families. But I am beseeching you to go against that instinct and be brilliant.Continue reading

Be Brilliant: Why Worship?

Be Brilliant: Why Worship?

-A Factual Look at Why Worship Works

Have you every wondered why there is so much musical worship in a church service?

You might be that person that always feels awkward. You can’t carry a tune for your life. Singing is just painful. Maybe you’ve decide to just show up late and hit church for the message. Hey better something than nothin’, right?

Now to clarify worship is more than music. Louie Giglio defines worship this way, Worship is our response, both personal and corporate, to God for who He is, and what He has done; expressed in and by the things we say and the way we live. I love that definition.

But for our intents today, we are going to look at why God invites us to respond to Him in musical worship each and every week from a research-based, non-spiritual perspective.Continue reading

Are We the Bride or Bridezilla of Christ?

Are We the Bride or Bridezilla of Christ?

I wonder if we, as the Church, reflect more of the bride or bridezilla of Christ.

The image that pops into my mind of a disgruntled, pretty-on-the-outside but ugly-on-the-inside bride makes me cringe. Ouch.

This question started to percolate in my mind after a time of prayer for our church. As I lay in bed, my mind wandered through our imperfections and then honed in on my own selfish nature, roots of pride, and competitive spirit. I realized my own sin leans more in the direction of the “zilla” than I “rilla wanna” admit.

Whether or not we are one or the other is not what I desire to uncover, but I hope we’d be re-envisioned with Christ’s vision for us, the Church, as a beautiful and radiant bride of Christ.Continue reading