Weary and Waiting for Some Relief?

Weary and Waiting for Some Relief?

I’m tired. I am on a 800 calorie a day diet. Don’t ask. It’s that time of the month. My kids are at each other and I’m already exhausted visualizing myself as their summer referee. Ugh!

How about you?

So what do we do when we are weary from working hard and waiting for some relief?Continue reading

My Fight for Freedom

My Fight for Freedom

I have fought this fight before, but this time is different. It’s a new journey. A new day. Because as elementary as it may sound, the Lord has been teaching me to let him lead. Just him.

You see I am a recovering control-freak who has often-forged forward with what I think are God-ideas. But in my own strength. In my own time. In my own way.

Anyone else?

The problem with this particular area is that I have succeeded in the short-term, but over the long haul I had retraced my old steps.

This time I was desperate for change. I knew I couldn’t live like this any longer. My feet hurt. My back ached. And I was oh so tired. I possessed zero energy and motivation to pull up my bootstraps and try on my own.

Desperation was the very place God met me. Continue reading

When the Waves are All You See

When the Waves are All You See

The waves are lashing and high; whipping every which way. Stormy and daunting; they surround us. So dominant and frightening, that it is difficult to lift our gaze.  In the middle of a storm, we struggle to set our sights on what lay beyond.

Maybe fear or anxiety overtakes us. We may wonder if we have what is required to see things through. Maybe we don’t have the strength to get to the other side, where the peaceful seas rest. We feel reluctant but tempted to give in to tiredness and dread. And our strength is giving way.  We are desperate for a lifeline. We need help to see beyond the waves.

If we are to press through, to believe without seeing, we must lift our eyes. Above the waves. Above the stormy seas. Above our understanding.

We must look up.Continue reading

The Challenge – I’m Stuck in My World

The Challenge – I’m Stuck in My World

Tears of conviction welled in my eyes reading words penned of a woman’s faith-filled pursuit to give hope to hopeless women over insurmountable odds.  My heart was overwhelmed with grief. How small my faith has been. How dominant I have let my obstacles get in my mind’s eyes. How big my world has become, and how little I have made the God of the universe.

Bottom line – I have been stuck in my own world. Have you been there too?

At the dinner table, I have sung the song many a time with my sons, “My God is so big, so strong and so mighty, there’s nothing my God cannot do.” But when it has come to life recently, if I am honest with myself, I have been humming, “The obstacles are so big, so strong and so mighty there’s nothing my God can do.”

Woe is me, of little faith.

As I sat writing my convictions and revelation of the minuteness of my faith, our gracious and patient Father reminded my spirit of a verse.Continue reading

A Parenting Confession

“Mommy and Daddy don’t give more things to an ungrateful child!,” I have said over and over to my son. Have you ever had spoken words you knew figuratively, were going to smack you straight between the eyes?

Recently, I had time of confession with the Lord. My mind was focused on the have-nots rather than the haves. Rather than seeing the richness of my life, I was looking at my requests. And the words I have said to my sons hit me straight between the eyes and a spirit of conviction washed over me as I realized how ungrateful I really was.

My problem was my focus and it left me with an ungrateful heart.Continue reading