One Thing We Must Wear

One Thing We Must Wear

Swim suit shopping! What. A. Pain. I avoid it like the plague. Would someone please install warm dim lighting in dressing rooms instead of the pale white fluorescent headlights that make women look like the blood has drained from their bodies? If you choose to take up this task, I will personally knight you into sainthood! It’s humiliating enough to squeeze into these stomach-flattening-core-defining spandex tubes; it would be nice to have some favorable lighting.

Luckily, we don’t have to wear a swimsuit everyday but what we put on in the morning matters. It often reveals how we feel. It may reflect what we think of ourselves. It tells who we are and whose we are.

Our King offers us a covering of dignity and honor. It is a layer we must not fail to forget to put on.Continue reading

What Are You Worth?

What a special moment when an athlete climbs the podium to receive their gold medal and hear their anthem played. We watch in awe as their accomplishment crowns them with prestige and honor. But in some cases years, months, or even days later we hear the disturbing news. They have been stripped of their title for one reason or another. One moment gives them dignity and then they are stripped of it.

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