Take Pity, Take Action, Take Territory for Christ

Take Pity, Take Action, Take Territory for Christ

Today we have a guest post by Tracy Stella…

In reply Jesus said: “A man was going down from Jerusalem to Jericho, when he was attacked by robbers. They stripped him of his clothes, beat him and went away, leaving him half dead. … But a Samaritan, as he traveled, came where the man was; and when he saw him, he took pity on him.—Luke 10:30, 33 NIV

The Samaritan stopped in his tracks to take pity on the man who lay naked and half dead along the roadside.  The Samaritan was busy like you and I often are.  He was on his way to a destination, and he didn’t plan on encountering a detour.  Yet, he didn’t delay.  He came to the aid of the man in need of assistance.

Imagine your reaction if you stumbled upon someone in such a state.  How would you have responded?  Would you have been like the Samaritan, or would you have been like the priest and the Levite who both passed by on the other side of the street?

They didn’t help.  They hid their eyes.

When we don’t look, we don’t see.  But that doesn’t mean the problem disappears.Continue reading

Ambassadors of Hope

Ambassadors of Hope

The unbearable ache was like a tight fist crushing around my heart. Cowardly, I took refuge in a tiny infant room packed with adorable babies. As I tried to regain my composure, hot tears of shame poured down my cheeks. The beckoning stares and twisted limbs of young children squirming in stained cribs with soiled diapers awoke me from what I thought was a noble, yet romantic notion of working with orphans in a third world country. The heartbreaking reality of their living condition overwhelmed and frightened me.

I cried because I felt helpless and hopeless.

What could I possibly do when their needs are so great, and I am just one person?

I am not equipped with proper training or resources to make any difference?Continue reading

Staring in the Face of a Blinding Light

Staring in the Face of a Blinding Light

I don’t really know true darkness. Do you?  I have been a Chicago suburb girl all my life, so even when the moon isn’t shining at night there has always been some ambient light from streetlights or the latest promotional gimmick at a local store.

I can remember going camping with my middle school astronomy class to do some star gazing. We drove hours and hours away to get to a place where it was dark enough to truly see the stars.

We huddled up under the light in a picnic shelter as our teacher gave us our instructions. He turned off the light and sent us out. It took our eyes about ten minutes to adjust and function. We all ended up having an extraordinary star gazing experience.

Our eyes had so adjusted to the darkness that when someone flashed a little flashlight in our direction, our eyes did a double take. And when it came time for us to huddle up again under the bright light in the picnic shelter, our eyes were blurs of spots and flashes of light for some time.

I couldn’t imagine being out in the darkness and seeing much more than a flashlight or a light bulb. I can’t imagine how I might have reacted had it been much more.Continue reading

Scattered, But…

Do you feel scattered? Your mind in a hundred places. Your to do list on five different pieces of scratch paper you can’t find. Your spirit just feels on edge. Your mind is scattered and your spirit is tattered.

In a moment like this, with just 5 words, God breathed life-giving, stress-relieving truth into my mind and heart.Continue reading

A Desperate Cry

A Desperate Cry

Isolated. I feel isolated. I’m on my own emotional island. Things are going on around me but I’m in my own little world. A world that feels like I’m drowning. The water overwhelms me. It washes away the joy and peace God has for me.

I try to break out. I try to float but only for brief moments and then my loneliness washes over me again.

Why do I feel this way? Why can’t I get my head out of the water?

Lord, where are you? I’m trying to find you but I don’t have it within me. I need you to find me. I need your Spirit to awaken my soul. I need your spirit to fight for me. Continue reading