3 Ways to Help Our Kids and Ourselves Return Well to School

3 Ways to Help Our Kids and Ourselves Return Well to School

His eyes appeared crimson and glassy as my son stepped off the bus. It was his third day of First Grade at a new school and I asked him if he’d been crying. His response, “Mommy, I just got punched in the stomach by another kid.”

Silence was all I could offer as I noticed my heart sinking and my anger rising. All of the sudden that free, convenient golden transporter became a conduit of smashing my son’s spirits and another arena I couldn’t control.

What do you do when a grade, a kid, a girl, a rejection from a sports team, mean words, or anger-filled actions push their way into your child’s life crushing their spirit and making them feel alone?

How can they know who they are, hear words of encouragement, and not feel lonely in those scary moments?

How can you have peace as you release your child into a world filled with pain, disappointment, and darkness?Continue reading

A Parenting Confession

“Mommy and Daddy don’t give more things to an ungrateful child!,” I have said over and over to my son. Have you ever had spoken words you knew figuratively, were going to smack you straight between the eyes?

Recently, I had time of confession with the Lord. My mind was focused on the have-nots rather than the haves. Rather than seeing the richness of my life, I was looking at my requests. And the words I have said to my sons hit me straight between the eyes and a spirit of conviction washed over me as I realized how ungrateful I really was.

My problem was my focus and it left me with an ungrateful heart.Continue reading