I still don’t really get it

I still don’t really get it

Do you ever wonder if your kids really get it? Like the heart behind giving. Or why the new kid in school needs a friend. We spend so much time sharing information and trying to steer them in the right direction, but how do we know when they really get it?

Other moms tell me we will know when they are grown. But sometimes we will get small glimpses of what has sunk into their heart, hopefully now.

Take the drawing above.

It was the artistry of my five-year-old son. This son doesn’t like when we read the Bible at night and doesn’t care to pray when invited. It seems as if he isn’t getting it.

However, it was his own idea one day to make this drawing for his Dad.

And as I gazed at this drawing hanging over my husband’s desk, I thought to myself, I think he gets it.

I noticed the dark clouds overhead, but the sun still shining above. It struck me that he drew a body upon the cross with two crosses on either side. And that man in the middle, well, he had a sad face. He was not happy. And it looks as if his hands are open and reaching up to heaven.

As I studied this drawing it awakened hope within my heart because I thought to myself, I think he is getting it.

Meanwhile while my five-year-old is getting it, it dawned on me that I still don’t really get it. This moment that is.

A moment where my savior was spat at. Bullied. Taunted. Abused.
A moment where he lugged a full timber upon his back that was gashed open from his whipping and torment.
A moment where nails were hammered through his very wrists and feet, piercing his skin and forced through his bone.
The moment where he drew in and exhaled his last breath. Giving up his spirit.

It was a moment in a story that my brain still can’t fully wrap around. A story that still has another chapter. Or two to be written.

I just still really don’t get it.

So this is my prayer as we head into Good Friday and I invite you to make it yours too.

I want to know Christ and experience the mighty power that raised him from the dead. I want to suffer with him, sharing in his death, so that one way or another I will experience the resurrection from the dead! Philippians 3:10-11 NLT

I want to know Christ. Experience his power. Father, help me suffer with Jesus and feel his death. So that I might experience his resurrected life in mine. Daddy, help me really get it.

That’s my prayer.

Praying you have a powerful and worshipful Easter weekend.

Blessings to you and your family, Erin

One Thing We Must Wear

One Thing We Must Wear

Swim suit shopping! What. A. Pain. I avoid it like the plague. Would someone please install warm dim lighting in dressing rooms instead of the pale white fluorescent headlights that make women look like the blood has drained from their bodies? If you choose to take up this task, I will personally knight you into sainthood! It’s humiliating enough to squeeze into these stomach-flattening-core-defining spandex tubes; it would be nice to have some favorable lighting.

Luckily, we don’t have to wear a swimsuit everyday but what we put on in the morning matters. It often reveals how we feel. It may reflect what we think of ourselves. It tells who we are and whose we are.

Our King offers us a covering of dignity and honor. It is a layer we must not fail to forget to put on.Continue reading

Have You Taken Back What Was Stolen?

Have You Taken Back What Was Stolen?

Long, long ago there was a theft of drastic proportions. Something of great worth was stolen. One day Eve, the first created daughter of God, was strolling through the garden without any feelings of being defective, unacceptable, or fundamentally damaged as a woman. She had no shame. Yet, that was about to change.Continue reading

Stepping Forward Despite the Sacrifice

Stepping Forward Despite the Sacrifice

I can’t get over this verse from John 18 in the NLT…as the guards came to retrieve Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane. It says, “Jesus FULLY realized ALL that was going to happen to him so he stepped FORWARD…” He didn’t step back. He didn’t step to the side or just stand still. He stepped forward. Jesus stepped forward for you and for me. This new insight convicted me to continue to step forward in serving my King. How might it propel you?

A Vital Question to Answer

A Vital Question to Answer

Choices. A popular parenting technique in this day is to offer your child choices.  Do you want to get in the car by yourself or do you want mommy to help you? Do you want to do your homework after school or before bed? Do you want an apple or banana? Do you want to pay me back now or later? Do you want to take out the garbage or do the dishes? Do you want to pop the grapes in my mouth for me or give my feet a massage? 🙂

The choices are endless and offering them twelve hours a day gets exasperating. However the very nature of offering choices helps our children to make a decision rather than passively disengage.

I would argue that choices do the same for us as adults.Every little decision we make impacts the course of our path. Interestingly, God asks us to make choices because the choices we negate making alter the fulfillment of our destiny. God forces the issues because he knows the relational decay of passive disengagement.Continue reading