What Are You Worth?

What a special moment when an athlete climbs the podium to receive their gold medal and hear their anthem played. We watch in awe as their accomplishment crowns them with prestige and honor. But in some cases years, months, or even days later we hear the disturbing news. They have been stripped of their title for one reason or another. One moment gives them dignity and then they are stripped of it.

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Making Peace with your Mirror

Making Peace with your Mirror

“Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all?” With magazine covers, red carpets, and a multi-billion dollar fashion industry, this famous line from Snow White is a question and answer we are forced to wrestle with from the time we are little girls.

I have a daughter. Did I mention that yet? I have three strapping sons and then a surprise fourth pregnancy produced a daughter. As I gaze down into her three-month-old eyes, I tell her how I see her.

“You are kind. You are beautiful. You are my pretty girl. My precious one.”

My heart breaks to think that potentially one day she will look in the mirror and believe the antithesis of these truths. That like me, instead of seeing God’s glory in her appearance she will see garbage.Continue reading