What Is Your Invitation?

What Is Your Invitation?

I was already disappointed as I nestled into a dimly lit corner of my local coffee shop. My soul was desperate to be refreshed by God’s presence, but already the moment was not living up to my expectation.Continue reading

I still don’t really get it

Do you ever wonder if your kids really get it? Like the heart behind giving. Or why the new kid in school needs a friend. We spend so much time sharing information and trying to steer them in the right direction, but how do we know when they really get it?

Other moms tell me we will know when they are grown. But sometimes we will get small glimpses of what has sunk into their heart, hopefully now.

Take the drawing above.Continue reading

My Fight for Freedom

My Fight for Freedom

I have fought this fight before, but this time is different. It’s a new journey. A new day. Because as elementary as it may sound, the Lord has been teaching me to let him lead. Just him.

You see I am a recovering control-freak who has often-forged forward with what I think are God-ideas. But in my own strength. In my own time. In my own way.

Anyone else?

The problem with this particular area is that I have succeeded in the short-term, but over the long haul I had retraced my old steps.

This time I was desperate for change. I knew I couldn’t live like this any longer. My feet hurt. My back ached. And I was oh so tired. I possessed zero energy and motivation to pull up my bootstraps and try on my own.

Desperation was the very place God met me. Continue reading

3 Gifts God Gives

3 Gifts God Gives

What makes most little boys eyes light up even when it’s not Christmas morning? Trains. All three of my little men loved or still love trains. One Saturday morning, my hubby and I had the brilliant idea to take them to a train diner for breakfast.

As all quality train diners, it was located right next to the tracks. Our car tires stumbled over the rails. Screeched into a parking space. While our boys launched from the car like Tom Cruise evacuating from his plane in Top Gun. (If you’re too young to know that reference, I am sorry. Your loss.)

So the boys bolt into the restaurant. Jump into the booth. And then I blew it.

I say, “Boys, just look at them. Look at all the trains!!”

My boys started banging on the glass cabinets where collector train engines were stored.

“No babies, don’t bang on the glass. Just look at them! Shh….”

Big mistake. Big. Huge. We should have just left.Continue reading

4 Ways to Win in our Wilderness

4 Ways to Win in our Wilderness

As I leaned back on the couch in my counselor’s office, I posed a question. The question originated out of the circumstances of the last four days. Personally, my heart bottomed out when a extremely high water bill disclosed we had some leaks. But that paled in comparison, to the overwhelmingly scary situations some dear friends found themselves in.

My question to him was, “When circumstances for me or loved ones are overwhelming, how can I lean into their pain but learn not to turn to food for an escape afterward.”

Though he seemed a bit uneasy learning I was a pastor’s wife, in his wise counsel he kept coming back to this word “trust”.

As he was talking I was thinking he was really meaning “faith” but just not willing to say it. However, as I was processing the conversation with the Lord, I sensed his Spirit say, “No, I mean trust.”

And like a lightbulb switching on, I realized his answer connected to our question for today.

How do we win in our wilderness?Continue reading