We might desire the illusion. You know the successful career, perfect family, tidy house,complete wellness, everything-in-its-place life.

But we depend on what is real.

We connect most deeply with our family and friends, in life’s moments doused in the raw realities of miscues, mistakes, and messes. These moments force us to be real with ourselves and real with each other.

It is in these real moments where a true connection is made with our faith, our family, and our friends.

Thank you for taking time out of your supper busy life to spend a few moments reading my heart poured out about the victories and valleys of my faith. My hope is that through this blog, your mind would be renewed with God’s truth, your spirit refreshed in his love, and your life re-envisioned with his purpose. I pray that you will find encouragement in the reality that you are not alone in faith-filled life’s triumphs and trials.

If this is our first time meeting, in short, my name is Erin Nicole Thompson. I am a pastor’s wife, mama of 3 boys and 1 sweet girl, ages 8 and under, and a stay-at-home mama. After 3 boys, our Ella nearly popped out pink.

In life and in ministry, Dave and I have said “yes” to God. We pray for the courage and faith to follow his every lead and grace for when we fail. And we pray the same for you. Thank you for letting our family and God’s truth in to your life through this blog. We pray it is a blessing.

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Blessed to meet you!


P.S. If you live in the northern Chicago-land area, I’d love to meet you in person know that you can find my husband, Dave Thompson and I and more importantly a warm cup of coffee at The Chapel: Lake Zurich  every Sunday at 10:00am. Consider yourself officially invited!